That got your attention, didn’t it? No, not the fun kind of discipline. Self discipline.

The kind that is not my natural mode of operation. My life is very full of must do’s, and there are SO MANY distractions. I have too many projects in the pipeline and not enough time. Teaching myself to focus, actually narrow my focus, is the challenge for this project.

I’ve gone so far as beginning to  schedule my “art business” time in my google calendar.

With Reminders.

There is not a lot I can do at this time other than design pieces and watch instruction videos to refresh my memory of techniques I need to know, or practice with sub standard materials. I can do those things. I can also plan and visualize.

Soon, in a few weeks, I expect to receive a small but adequate amount of financing. Half is going to go for materials and then I can start producing.

Focus, Girl! Focus!


Decisions and Fear

Making the decision to go with a not quite socially acceptable specialty niche is a tough one. One of my big concerns is how do I handle that good old sociological phenomenon of labeling ourselves and each other with our job or vocation? When someone asks me what I do, I say I’m an artist, or I’m a jewelry-maker. My hesitation comes when they inevitably ask to see my work. If they don’t already know me and love me then it could be a problem. Am I ready to fully come out as kinky?

And my work? I know I will be proud of it , I’m already proud of my designs and practice pieces. Am I going to be able to freely show it off? If it was just me I could let the collections speak for themselves, with the subtle signals that many of us use in public. That way unless someone asked directly if my designs were related to BDSM I could just leave it unsaid.

It’s not going to be only me. Alexander’s creations are unmistakably recognizable. While beautiful and well-made their purpose is in no way subtle or ambiguous. Once we have a little inventory and our website is built my predilection toward kink will be very much in the public arena.

Am I ready? Will I ever feel ready? Will I do it despite not being ready? Stay tuned.